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Why Visit Dr. Zeng for Pregnancy Testing?

Taking a pregnancy test can be a nerve-wracking experience. Sometimes it’s just better to know. Dr. Zeng is a skilled, understanding doctor. She understands the anxieties surrounding testing for pregnancy. You can count on her and her staff for full confidentiality. Helping you get answers is the most important thing to her. We will provide you with any information leading up to the test and help you know what to do once you have an answer. If you suspect you are pregnant and would like a test, give our office a call.

When Should You Visit the Doctor?

Often, you will first take an at-home pregnancy test (HPT). However, some situations call for a doctor’s visit. If you have experienced clotting or miscarriages before, it is always all right to come in. Another reason Dr. Zeng recommends coming to us is if you have not had a menstrual cycle in a while. If you have any concerns, please schedule an appointment with our office.

Different Types of Pregnancy Tests at a Doctor's Office

There are two different kinds of tests you can get from Dr. Zeng: a urine test or a blood test. A urine test is usually the first step in diagnosing. However, at your request, you can also have blood tests done. We can order two different types of blood tests. The first is a qualitative blood test. This will indicate if HCG is present. The second is a quantitative blood test, which measures the exact amount of HCG in your blood. To order pregnancy tests, please schedule a consultation with our team.

Peace of Mind

Perhaps the biggest reason people come to us for pregnancy testing is peace of mind. Knowing is half the battle. You can get any testing you need from Dr. Xiao-Mei Zeng today.
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