Hormonal Evaluation in Palm Beach County, Florida

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Feeling Off? Time to Get Tested

Feeling less than great recently? There may be several causes, including painful or irregular periods or weight gain. You suspect it might be hormone-related. That is a good sign it’s time to take a trip to our office. Dr. Zeng and her staff can help you order the hormone evaluation tests you need to get some clarity. Don’t wait too long to come to our office. We can get those tests ordered quickly. Remember, knowledge is power, and knowing the results from your hormonal evaluation can be helpful in getting you feeling better.

What Happens at the Doctor?

It is always best to come into the office first. This is a great first step to getting you feeling healthier. Dr. Zeng will ask questions to determine which tests would be most helpful. You will be able to ask any of your own questions as well. This is a good time to gain a better understanding as to what the evaluation means. You will leave feeling much better knowing that your hormone evaluation is ordered and understanding how they will help.

Assessing the Results

You will want to get your hormones checked during the first few days of your cycle ideally. This gives you a baseline of hormone levels. You might have ordered a hormone panel test that includes estrogen, progesterone, follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. If there were additional tests you asked for, such as a thyroid test or blood sugar level test, you will get those results promptly as well. The essential thing is helping you understand what the results mean. We explain them in a simple way so you can find the best solution quickly.

Trust the Experts

Hormones are complicated and easily affected. You don’t have to know everything about them. Dr. Zeng and her staff specialize in understanding hormones so you don’t have to. If there is anything you don’t completely understand, ask and we can get you the answers you’re looking for.
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